part1 W1S1 [pa:t US pa:rt] n
3¦(not all)¦
5 have a part to play (in something)
6 take part
7 take/have/play no part in something
8 want no part of something
9 the best/better part of something
10 a good/large part of something
11 the greater/major part of something
12 in part
13 in large part/for the most part
14 be (a) part of something
15 form (a) part of something
20 look the part
21 dress the part
22 somebody's part in something
23 in/round these parts
24 take somebody's part
25 for my/his part etc
26 on somebody's part/on the part of somebody
27 take something in good part
28 be part and parcel of something
29 man/woman of many parts
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: Latin pars]
1.) ¦(PIECE)¦
a piece or feature of something such as an object, area, event, or period of time
part of
The front part of the car was damaged.
In parts of Canada, French is the first language.
For part of the day, you will be outside doing practical work.
The cost of living is becoming unbearable for retired people in our part of the world (=where we live) .
More heat is lost through the head than any other part of the body.
the early/later/latter/last part
in the early part of the nineteenth century
the best/worst part
The best part of the holiday was the food.
the first/final/last part etc
You can see the final part of that series on Tuesday.
part two/three etc
I shall be explaining this further in Part Two.
the hard/easy part
Getting Dad to agree will be the hard part.
different parts/all parts of sth
The jobs attracted people from all parts of the world.
integral/vital/important part
the traditions that are an integral part of Jewish life
in parts
The film is very violent in parts.
one of the separate pieces that something such as a machine or piece of equipment is made of
Lay all the parts out before you start assembling the model.
engine parts
spare parts
(=kept for when a part breaks, needs replacing etc)
3.) ¦(NOT ALL)¦
part of sth
some, but not all, of a particular thing
Part of the money will be spent on a new playground.
Part of the castle was destroyed by fire.
part of me/him etc
Part of me hates him (=I partly hate him) .
(only) part of the story/problem/explanation etc
Poor working conditions are only part of the problem.
play a part
if something or someone plays a part in something else, they are involved in it
play a part in
Health education will play a part in preparing us for old age.
Britain should play its full part in the negotiations.
play a big/important part in sth
Pictures play an important part in publishing.
5.) have a part to play (in sth)
to have a particular job or be responsible for something
The church used to have a more important part to play in the community.
6.) take part
to be involved in an activity, sport, event etc with other people
take part in
About 400 students took part in the protest.
She wanted to take part but she was too ill.
take an active/leading part
At college I took an active part in student politics.
7.) take/have/play no part in sth
to not be involved in something
She took no part in the fighting.
8.) want no part of sth
to not want to be involved in something
There was a plan to change the production style, and he wanted no part of it.
9.) the best/better part of sth
nearly all of something
We waited for the best part of an hour.
10.) a good/large part of sth
a lot or more than half of something
A large part of the budget will be spent on advertising.
11.) the greater/major part of sth
most of something
They controlled the greater part of North Africa.
12.) in part
to some degree, but not completely
= ↑partly
His reluctance to help could, in part, be explained by his poor eyesight.
13.) in large part/for the most part
mostly, or in most places
Success was due in large part to good teamwork.
For the most part he worked patiently.
14.) be (a) part of sth
to be included or involved in something
Falling over is part of learning how to ski.
If you decide to work for our organisation, you will be part of a great team.
15.) form (a) part of sth
to be one of the things that make up something larger or more important
Practical work forms an integral part of the course.
16.) ¦(HAIR)¦ [C usually singular]
AmE a ↑parting
17.) ¦(ACTING)¦
the words and actions of a particular character in a play or film
= ↑role
Could someone take the part of Romeo, please?
Katharine's playing the part of Mary in the school play.
18.) ¦(MUSIC)¦
the music that one type of instrument or voice within a group plays or sings
The violin part is difficult.
The choir sings in four-part harmony.
19.) ¦(QUANTITY)¦
used to say how much of each substance there is or should be in a mixture
Prepare the glue with one part powder to three parts water.
The sulphur dioxide level in the air was 32 parts per billion.
20.) look the part
a) to look like a typical person of a particular type
In his smart suit, he certainly looked the part.
b) to perform well and seem likely to be successful - used in sports reports
He's beginning to look the part on the soccer field.
21.) dress the part
to wear suitable clothes for something
She's got a new high-powered job, and she's certainly dressing the part.
22.) sb's part in sth
what a particular person did in an activity that was shared by several people, especially something bad
He was imprisoned for six years for his part in the murder.
23.) in/round these parts
in the particular area that you are in
We don't get many tourists in these parts.
24.) take sb's part
BrE formal to support someone in a quarrel or argument
= ↑take somebody's side
Dad always takes my brother's part when we argue.
25.) for my/his part etc
formal used when saying what a particular person thinks or does, as opposed to other people
For my part, I prefer living in the country.
26.) on sb's part/on the part of sb
used when describing a particular person's feelings or actions
It was probably just a mistake on her part.
There has never been any jealousy on my part.
27.) take sth in good part
old-fashioned to accept jokes or criticism about you without being upset
28.) be part and parcel of sth
to be a necessary feature of something
Working irregular hours is all part and parcel of being a journalist.
29.) man/woman of many parts
someone who is able to do many different things
He was a man of many parts: writer, literary critic and historian.
HINT sense 1
Do not say 'most part of'. Say most of: We spent most of (NOT most part of) the morning shopping.
HINT sense 6
Do not say 'take a part in' something. Say take part in something.
part 2
part2 v
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: partir, from Latin partire 'to divide', from pars; PART1]
1.) [I and T] written
to move the two sides of something apart, or to move apart, making a space in the middle
When he parted the curtains, the sunlight flooded into the room.
The crowd parted to let him through.
Ralph's lips parted in a delighted smile.
2.) [i]written
to separate from someone, or end a relationship with them
They parted on amicable terms.
part from
He has parted from his wife.
3.) be parted (from sb)
to be prevented from being with someone
They were hardly ever parted in thirty years of marriage.
He hates being parted from the children.
4.) part company (with sb)
a) to go in different directions after having gone in the same direction
The two women parted company outside their rooms.
b) to end a relationship with someone
George parted company with the band in 1996.
c) to disagree with someone about something
He parted company with Lloyd George over post-war diplomacy.
5.) [T]
if you part your hair, you comb some of your hair in one direction and the rest in the other direction
part with [part with sth] phr v
to give something to someone else, although you do not want to
I'm reluctant to part with any of the kittens, but we need the money.
part 3
part3 adv
1.) part sth, part sth
if something is part one thing, part another, it consists of both of those things
The exams are part written, part practical.
The room is part sitting room, part bedroom.
2.) not completely
= ↑partly
The project is part funded by the council.
The object was part hidden by the grass.
part 4
part4 adj
1.) part payment
payment of only a part of something, not all of it
I gave them £10 in part payment.
2.) part owner
someone who is one of the people who own something

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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